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Sharda Global Preparatory School provides an environment which feeds and nurtures the growth of kindergarten students. Here all individuals are valued in a secular, inclusive, multicultural, co-educational community. Our unique environment gives access and exposure to a vast array of experiences in every field which helps our students to discover their talents and direction. Students are encouraged to think and develop confidence by taking risks within a safe and creative environment. Our teachers are learners who, through their passion, intellect and commitment engage and connect with their students. Through fresh, real-world thinking they transmit knowledge and a deep understanding to their students, who at times, surpass their teachers in intellectual pursuits. Within our community we instill a deep appreciation of diversity and inclusiveness. We have a strong global outlook, which is crucial for students preparing for life in this dynamic world. This prospectus encapsulates some of the many activities and initiatives in which children participate. The children experience joy, learning, challenges and satisfaction each day. Academically, the Prep School pupils excel in many subjects. We firmly believe in the philosophy of holistic education, which leads to the development of a child who is equipped with life-long learning skills.